Many patients, whether completely new to chiropractic or just new to me, come into my office and ask, “So what
Did you know that there are many different causes of headaches? Although most Canadians will experience at least one headache
By: Dr. Leah Lawson Plantar Fasciitis is a common foot/heel pain that involves the inflammation of the band of fascia
By: Dr. Leah Lawson One common question I get when I perform acupuncture in my treatments is; “Can I claim
Lunatik Athletiks is a Barrie, ON based company that is changing the way we look at compression socks. No longer
Let’s Break the Ice (On RICE protocol)  It’s February in Canada and it’s cold (freezing) outside. You step off where
Hip flexors are a group of muscles that lift the knee to bring the thigh closer to the abdomen -
During the current pandemic of Covid-19, recreational activities are cancelled and more people are working from home. This is ultimately
Many of us are now working at home, either for the first time or more often than we did in
A common injury at the elbow is either golfer’s or tennis elbow. All the muscles that flex the wrist and
Do you find yourself hunched over a desk or device more? Are you experiencing an increase in neck pain and
Did you know that any blow to your head, face, neck or even your body may cause a concussion if