Patient and practitioner safety is of utmost importance as we gradually reopen our clinics for in-person care. Dr. Leah Lawson works at two clinics – Vitality Health in Barrie, and Bayside Wellness in Collingwood. To return to treatment, these are the following guidelines that you (the patient), your practitioner, office staff, and our clinics must follow for everyone’s safety.

Vitality Health and Bayside Wellness has taken the following precautions for the safety of its patients, staff, and practitioners:

  • Installed signage (passive screening, proper hand washing & hand sanitization
  • protocols) and updated website information related to COVID-19
  • Barriers installed at the reception desk
  • Rearranged office layout and flow to provide safe social distancing
    • Patients will be directed straight to treatment rooms
  • Removed soft materials (magazines, toys, fabric covered items, etc.)
  • Following extensive cleaning and disinfection protocols from Public Health Ontario and professional regulatory bodies (i.e. CCO & CMTO)
    • Thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all diagnostic and treatment tools, and treatment surfaces before and after each patient visit
  • Health Canada approved and hospital grade disinfectants
  • Minimized staffing and decreased patient bookings to allow for more extensive disinfecting protocols and to decrease the flow of traffic
    • To limit the number of individuals within the facility
    • Allow for easier social distancing from other staff and patients
  • Following the PPE protocols of the Ministry of Health and Public Health Ontario, as well as our professional governing bodies
    • Practitioners wear surgical masks (or higher) at all times
    • Wearing specific work footwear/clothes; changed and cleaned daily
  • Have trained all staff with new return to work practices and requirements 
  • Have worked to create a safe patient flow schedule



  • Active screening will be conducted online via booking system before your scheduled appointment
    • This form is to be completed online on the day of your scheduled appointment
    • Your practitioner will also screen you in-person
    • If you do not pass the screening survey, you will be asked to reschedule
  • Initial Chiropractic consultations will be scheduled for 60 minutes to allow for sufficient time for patient screening, health history, examination, treatment, and disinfection of treatment room and proper documentation
  • Other Chiropractic appointments will be extended by 15 minutes to allow for added time for documentation and disinfecting the office

Before Arriving

  • Acquire a mask (fabric or surgical); face coverings are required within the facility
  • Have you completed the COVID-19 Screening that was emailed to you?
    • Yes, and you have passed with no concerning answer
      • Proceed to your appointment (Do not arrive more than 5mins prior)
    • Yes, but did not pass the screening or have since developed symptoms or contact with a positive COVID-19 individual. Please do the following: 
      • Call Vitality Health (705 733-2033 or Bayside Wellness (705) 302-0112 to cancel your appointment
      • No cancellation fees will be incurred
      • Wait to rebook for at least 14 days or provide proof of negative COVID-19 test result
      • Complete the Ontario Government’s Self-Assessment Tool online
      • Contact an appropriate medical authority to report your condition and seek advice and treatment if necessary (primary physician)
    • Practitioners are required to report suspected or confirmed cases
  • In an effort to decrease handling of soiled garments, for chiropractic care, if you  typically change into a medical gown or shorts, please dress in clothing that allows the treating area to be accessible, or bring items to change into (i.e. tank top, loose fitting clothing, shorts etc.)



  • Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to your appointment time, there will not be a space in the clinic to wait for your scheduled appointment
    • You will be directed straight into the designated treatment room
  • All patients are required to continuously wear a face covering within the clinic
    • Sanitize your hands once arrived at the clinic
    • Review the COVID-19 Screening criteria before entering the facility
  • If your treatment is delayed, our Clinic Support staff will call to notify you
  • No additional guests or family members will be permitted to accompany you during your appointment, unless you require a guardian or caregiver
  • Maintain physical distancing of at least two metres whenever possible
  • We are encouraging patients to move towards a less contact model of payment
    • We prefer no cash payments
    • Limit the exchange of paper; have invoices emailed instead of printed


During Appointment

  • Patients are required to wear masks while in the facility and during treatment
  • Appropriate PPE (medical grade masks) will be worn by your practitioner at all times; including during examination and treatment
  • Sanitize your hands prior to exiting the treatment room


  • Proceed to the reception area, stand on a designated social distancing spot and wait for the staff to assist you with payment options
  • Preferably, treatment invoices will be emailed to patients, not printed
  • Sanitize after leaving the facility, before touching your mask to remove it

Clinic procedures may differ slightly in each individual clinic location, due to layout, staffing, types of practitioners, schedules, etc. However, all Ministry of Health and Chiropractic College regulations for re-opening will be strictly followed and enforced.