To my valued patients at Vitality Health,

As you might be aware, I took a leap of faith earlier this spring and moved to Parry Sound. I have always been an avid outdoors lover, and I found myself thinking more and more about living in “cottage country” instead of just enjoying up north on my time off. I found there was a shortage of healthcare providers in the Parry Sound area, specifically there were no female chiropractors.


I started practicing in Parry Sound in June, and have quickly discovered that chiropractors are in demand up there, and my practice is requiring me to open up more hours in order to meet this demand.


I am also still practicing one day a week at my Collingwood location, Bayside Wellness. I have been covering my colleague’s patients since she has been off battling an aggressive form of melanoma.

To allow me to continue to support my college in Collingwood and focus more time in my Parry Sound Location, I have made the very hard decision to close my Barrie practice at Vitality Health, effective October 29th, 2021.


I have been working with the Vitality Health clinic in order to find a replacement chiropractor. Although nothing is set yet, I am hopeful that another chiropractor will be able to continue your care at Vitality Health. In the meantime, my recommendations for amazing chiropractors in the south end of Barrie include Dr. Allison Noseworthy and Dr. Matt Muise at Health Partners Professionals on Bryne Drive (705.730.1533). I have been co-treating patients with Dr. Allison at Bayside Wellness for the past 4 years, and both Dr. Allison and Dr. Matt will provide you with the same quality care you have come to expect from me.


It has been a privilege to be entrusted with your health care, and I thank you for that. If you are ever in the Parry Sound or Collingwood areas, you are more than welcome to schedule an appointment for a treatment with me at either of those clinics. You would not have to go through an initial assessment again, as I will continue to have access to your files.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me via email at, or by calling the clinic at 705.733.2033.